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Cherries Anyone?

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Just Walk It

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Eat Safe This Summer

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5 Foods Blog

I am sharing this article from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). In full disclosure, I do not encourage anyone to modify their food choices without consulting a Registered Dietitian and/or your physician.  Fruit Juice, Pretzels, Flavored Yogurt, Granola Bars, Veggie Chips. Read more

Another Second Chance

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My passion to provide information to the public includes statistics.  These statistics help to bring into perspective a valuable piece to the information being shared.  A study or compilation of REAL people make up these statistics and are everyday people just like you and me.  To be stricken with an illness – many of these people never thought this would happen to them.  Some heart patients may hear the person that hasn’t been through what they have, jokingly say, “well, they should put a zipper in so they can go in and out of your chest when surgeons want to.”  Tell that joke to someone else that hasn’t watched their young child beat the odds one day and struggle defenseless the next.  

Remember when you hear statistics, it may be the person that can’t lie flat and sleep, as told by my husband in his book, “A Second Chance.”   Because of congestive heart failure, he attempted to find comfort and slept sitting upright on 4 to 6 pillows for a period of tme.  I want to say to that patient, I witnessed the dilemma you face walking to the edge of the lawn to get the mail but getting halfway, you stop and try to decide which would be better for you.  Do you turn around and go back indoors or complete your mission now seeming virtually impossible due to your heart condition?

We are (I am) Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease for your loved ones, my loved ones, for my neighbors, my friends, my co-workers ~ FOR ME.

To Your Health,  Cynthia Malone

Buy your copy of “A Second Chance.”  Click the product tab on this website.

It’s A Small World – Part 1

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I may use an evening meal as my “working dinner.”   This allows me to occupy some time, to try to not feel empty and hopefully have a productive session.  I think about the people that I have met that day or for that week, what next steps are essential to make for the organization and how to improve the efforts to carry out the assignment I know I have.  I can’t always get others to understand the seriousness doesn’t lie just with me and my family –  but, with them and theirs too.  

One evening through all the heart disease notes, my desire to build a strong team of people to serve as a board of directors for Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease, and amidst personal thoughts,  I couldn’t get focused on the business at hand.  Not even able to decide on what I wanted to eat, and for the second time, I had to ask the server to,”give me a few more minutes, please.”  

Now after being served, my drink and dinner rolls, a couple just ahead are preparing to leave the restaurant.   I look up from my notes as if on queue, to spot a lady, smiling and just four steps away.  I’m trying to recollect if, and where I might know her from.  This stranger says to me “you are stronger than you think and God loves you.”  Pleasant, yet surprised I smiled back and said “thank you, it’s mutual.”  “I have something for you,” she added and placed a small trinket at a distance from me on to my table.  
What we do with Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease is to encourage living a healthier lifestyle.  Sometimes it is just to ENCOURAGE someone else PERIOD.  We need it too!  She left the one thing that made me think, not only was I in the right place, it was at the right time in this small world.

~To YOUR Health

Cynthia Malone, Co-Founder


Why I “Heart” Car Shows

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My great-grandfather was a mechanic. We called him Greasy Grandpa because he always had oil or grease on his hands and clothes. I was too young to remember spending time in his automotive shop, however every time I am near one, the smells of oil, metal shavings and exhaust make me smile. My grandpa and brother inherited his automotive skills. I inherited a nose and ears for car problems. And a knack for changing flats. And a love of old trucks.

Car shows fascinate me because I love seeing and hearing others stories of where their vehicle was, is and will hopefully be. Vehicles in car shows take on a life of their own and show their personality. They bring together all walks of life. I met Cynthia at a car show and after hearing their story, wrote the following. 6 months later, it still rings true.

I “heart” car shows because every car in our show has HEART.”

History – a story to tell

Engine – the heart of the vehicle

Ability to bring people together

Rare – you won’t find another one exactly like it

Transmission – the interface that allows the magic to happen

So you all have 6 months to get ready for the 2017 Cardiac Car Show! Let’s keep the tradition going for Chip, Cynthia and the Malone Family.

Starr and Isabelle – 2006 GTO









To your health,


About the Author:

Starr Wharton, M.S., MCHES is a wellness specialist with more than 16 years experience in cardiovascular health and emergency medicine.

Heart Awareness My Valentine

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I hear you!  

Every now and then, it is great to have someone from an audience to stop me after a presentation or write me to say, “I hear you.”  This was a pleasant surprise that I receivced from a V101.7 listener.  This rebroadcast from 2015 aired by radio pesonality, Mama Mea, who was kind enough to share this again with the public.  In an effort to bring awareness of heart health and tell our story to bring hope to others, I found out from this email sent via our website.                   Thanks, C. Oliver for your support of our endeavors.   

Address/Location: Mrs. Malone,

Joyful morning. Indeed, I hope that you and your family are alive and well. I heard your testimony on the radio station 101.7 on Sunday morning February 12, 2017. The radio host re-played the original day of broad casting because Valentine’s Day was approaching. God always show up at His appointed time. Indeed, it was a blessing to me in that it gave me hope to continue to believe that the person that God has for me does exist and one day God will allow our paths to cross.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR BEING A LIGHT. A light for life, liberty, and love.

May you and your family be blessed for being a beacon of hope.

Time: Thursday February 16, 2017 at 9:13 am
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To Your Health,  Cynthia Malone

Co-Founder, Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease, LLC

Heart Awareness 2017 Public Response

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On February 7th this became another very successul opportunity to reach the public regarding the #1 killer in America.   I could hear a pin drop when talking with this attentive group.  When I was invited, I was excited to be able to tell the story of my husband after giving them heart health tips that they were evidently relating to based on wide eyes and heads bobbing up and down.  The actual story below raised my eyebrows and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

 This represents why Chip Malone’s outreach TEAMS AGAINST HEART DISEASE the red shoelace project for adolescent athletes is worthy of attention.  It’s a matter of life and death screenings with our heathcare providers no matter the individuals age. . . 

Thank you for your message this a.m. – it was valuable information.    My  step son at age 15 passed out on vacation.. when he leaned over to pick up
a utensil he’d dropped.   Since it was a one time event .. we kinda let it go.   About a year later .. when he was just about 16 my mother called me
to tell me that he’d been exercising and came downstairs and stood up fast  and passed out.. this time he fell and hit his head, so he went to the
emergency room to get stitches.. at that time they said … he had too  much salt in his system… (they NEVER considered his heart).     His
sister, who was going to school to be a nurse … talked with him about  all the tests (for low blood sugar, for too much salt.. for not enough
salt… ) just you name it.. finally she went with him to the doctor and  demanded they put a monitor on him… they did.  Two days later the Doctor
called his school and said.. “I don’t know what *******  is doing, but he needs to stop immediately and get to the cardiologist.”     He was in P.E.
when his monitor went through the roof.    They found that he had an extra artery that was rerouting his blood in his heart in a very dangerous
way… they said.. until surgery the next day.. he wasn’t to lift so much  as a pencil.  It was so scary !!  They cauterized the extra artery .. and
the blood now flows properly.  The doctor said it was amazing they caught  this.. that normally they get it when the drop dead on the field.   Really
scary thing is that he was playing soccer the year before when all of this  began occurring .  It could have gone a whole different way.   We were

Again.. thank you for the informative talk.  My Mother, age 70 and has had a  slight heart attack and had to have two stints about four months ago.
Both my grandmothers died of heart attacks before age 66, so I will  definitely be going to get my check up and stress test soon!

Take care and keep up the great work.

Sincerely,  L. L.