Coach Narleski “Chip” Malone had no plays designed for the effects of this life-threatening opponent that he faced–heart disease. In true Coach Malone fashion, he did. All he knew was that “God is on my side.”

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Though devastated by the sudden passing of my husband, the late Coach Chip Malone, I cherish the thirty years of wonderful memories and will work to help others in the fight against heart disease through the organization he founded.

After my husband’s death, there was an outpouring of respect, favorite stories, quotes and appreciation for the support he rendered to countless people that he came in contact with. Some of these things, his children nor I were aware of.

You never know the tremendous impact that can come from one individual. That one individual that will take challenges head-on. He touched so many lives and made everyone feel as though they were meant for greatness. My life partner didn’t take the short cuts and was bigger than life.

Because he said “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to have to happen to anybody,” after his heart transplant, we set out together taking the 4.5 year assignment seriously. We told our story of challenges, hope and of medical advancement to over 40,000 individuals of all ages and backgrounds throughout the state of Georgia.

Our story is one of success. I will honor the legacy he created by telling about Narleski “Chip” Malone, husband, father, former coach friend, author, and fighter who was given a second chance to live a life of triumph.

~Cynthia Malone, Co-Founder

Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease, LLC

Mr. Malone, we have a potential heart for you!
Teams Against Heart Disease - Northside High School

Teams Against Heart Disease – Northside High School

With that statement, two families were impacted on November 3, 2010; both the donor family and Coach Chip Malone’s. He and his wife spent fifty days at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital for him to be list as a candidate and miraculously receiving a heart transplant in just three weeks.

Houston Health Fair - Galleria Mall

Houston Health Fair – Galleria Mall

Health Science Class - Jones County High School

Health Science Class – Jones County High School

Coach Narleski “Chip” Malone used the next 4.5 years to remind communities of the importance of heart disease prevention.   There are over 122,500 people in the United States in need an organ and/or tissue to enhance the quality of their lives. More than 5,400 of those waiting are in the state of Georgia.   Eighteen people die a day waiting for organ donation.

Virginia College Nursing Program

Virginia College Nursing Program

There is no glamour in the process of recovery or the fight to maintain good post-transplant health.   Cynthia Malone, wife and co-founder of Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease is thankful for the multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals and the transplant family that provided care to her husband during those years.

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Chip and CynthiaChip Malone was a former Head Coach for the Varsity Boys Basketball team at Warner Robins High School from 1991 to 2009 before retiring in 2009.  He lead teams to three Region Championships, one Sweet 16, one Elite 8, one State Final (runner up), and holds an unsurpassed record of six consecutive Bear Brawl Christmas Basketball Tournament Championships in a row.

His Story

A Second Chance, the Book After becoming a heart transplant recipient in November, 2010, I dedicate my time in honor of my organ donor in an effort to promote heart health.  I am a family man, retired educator and coach (32 years of service); and the author of “A Second Chance”.  The book depicts a struggle to live with heart disease, the power of love and triumph that will encourage your faith.  From this book, you will understand why I am thankful for a second chance. As a Mentor with the GA Transplant Foundation, volunteer with the American Heart Association & LifeLink of GA, I encourage education as the key to reducing heart disease. I hope that others can benefit from hearing my personal experience.  I will continue Chip’n Away at Heart Disease.  And now I ask you, “What would you do with a God-given second chance?”

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Your generous donations will help Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease with endeavors to:
– Educate communities on living a healthier lifestyle by providing information regarding facts and preventive measures.
– Develop community health fairs and programs promoting cardiovascular health.
– Provide an educational stipend once a year to three eligible students.

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